Monday, September 22, 2008

Going to Wedding MBA

Hello everyone! I am on my way to the Wedding Merchants Business Association convention in Phoenix, Az. We are nominated for the "Best of the Best" DJ Service in South Florida. Rumor has it we are the favorite to win! I will be posting daily with the occurences from the conference.,,, are some of the sites that will be represented. This is a convention for some of the top wedding vendors in the country and the world!

Outstanding conference on marketing to today's bride and excelling in providing what they want.

Most Notable Speakers:

Mr. Andy Ebon - - Spoke on true marketing and networking advice to vendors. Andy also reviewed websites in the showroom free of charge. His advice in the hallway was absolutely priceless.

Mr. Peter Merry - - Spoke on the Starbuck's

Bride and why a Wedding Entertainment Director is impotant for a Bride and Groom at their reception.

Mr. Alan Berg - What is The - What can marketing do for Wedding Business

Special thanks to Will Hegarty - - Chancellor, Wedding Merchants Business Academy for putting on an outstanding conference!

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